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, republican chuck grassley of iowa and democrat kent conrad of north dakota. then we'll turn to howard dean, the former head of the democratic national committee, who says reform without a public option is no plan at all. then i'll have a final word on how the old master of the capital, lyndon johnson, might have approached all of this. but first, the dog days of health care reform, on "face the nation." captioning sponsored by cbs "face the nation" with cbs news chief washington correspondent bob schieffer. and now from cbs news in washington, bob schieffer. >> schieffer: and good morning, again. joining us now from cedar falls, iowa, senator chuck grassley, republican. and here in the studio, senator kent conrad. gentlemen, welcome to you both. i want to start with the most controversial part of this thing. house speaker pelosi said this week that she simply cannot pass a health care reform bill in the house unless it includes the so-called public option -- that is, the government-run insurance program like medicare. senator grassley, you have said -- you're on the record as saying you ca
, the public option. speaking of killing, the cat fight between specter and grassley on twitter. specter tells grassley to stop scaring people with terms like "death panels." grassley says he never said death panels. true. grassley only said -- >> you have every right to fear. we should not have a government program that determines you're going to pull the plug on grandma. >> the grandma plug pullers and death panels are both alive and well thanks to the original death eater, sarah palin. she boasts she got the death panels removed. but payback is the proverbial "b" word, beck humiliated at congressman rick larsen's town hall in washington state. >> i've got beck at my side and you've got glenn beck on your side. i just am not -- it's not going to play out that way. >> as a dozen advertisers cancel on beck comedy central catches him in a bit of a contradiction. >> you're about to lose the best health care system in the world. getting well in this country could actually almost kill you. >> worse, the minneapolis newspaper praises michelle bachman's son for going in to teach for america. says he
're going to pull the plug on grandma. >> this afternoon the white house refused to criticize grassley directly and pointed to another senator by another gop senator. >> it does us no good to incite fear in people. >> the obama administration now more interested in avoiding direct conflict with key republicans than in making dramatic health care changes. >>> hillary clinton unplugged. the secretary of state making headlines again for candid remarks overseas. this time it's about bush versus gore. >> in 2000 our presidential election came down to one state where the brother of the man running for president was the governor of the state. so we have our problems, too. >> and why some are now slamming her latest remarks. >>> in detroit a police chase this morning ends in a fireball. a driver tries to escape the cops but crashes. the second police chase turned deadly in less than a week. what's being said about police procedures and public safety. >>> hey, grizzly, get out of my pool, and the other things we thought you should know. the upcoming beer and pop summit you won't forget, and par
doesn't the white house have to be very worried about dealing with senator grassley now? >> if his view is he put his finger in the dike, that doesn't seem to be in a good position. that sounds like the dam is about to break. we don't know what his position is when he's negotiating behind closed doors and what he's doing trying to play to the crowd. there's an inside game and outside game. we don't know how large the gap is. >> roger simon, did that sound like an iowa senator in iowa saying what his audience wants to hear ready to go back to washington and work hard on health care reform? >> it sounds to me like an iowa politician playing to the crowd. iowa, in terms of the age of its population is one of the oldest states of the union, and one of the highest percentages of people who live in care facilities. seniors, 65 and over is the one age group that barack obama did not carry. one reason is it's the most resistant group to change, which is obama's central message. people out there have their medicare and they're worried about anything changes that. we're only a few days from
woman asked chuck grassley to speak out against what she called out right lies in the bills in congress. >> i see signs that say kennedy lives, a grandmother dies. i see signs with obama in white face as the joker. i see signs comparing him to a marxist. >> the bills are online and every american can read them. shepard: senator grassley is one of three republicans negotiating to come up with a bill that might get at least some gop support. carl cameron is live in iowa tonight. grassley is a conservative but some are angry with him. >> that's correct. there has been a number of organizations that have been coming out protesting the notion of health care reform. some of them have been focusing on charles grassley. some the organized the t parties came here today and some said to go ahead and work with democrats and we will vote you out of office. here is an example. >> i am on conservative and what we expect is for you to fight for us, we don't want this nation to be socialist. fight for us. don't give an inch. if you vote with this bill, we will vote you out. >> you know that elected pol
from a key republican. senator grassley, the ranking member on the finance committee and one of the only three republicans working with democrats on the reform bill. now, he's bringing up the false claim that the president's plan are create so-called death panels. >> in the house bill, there's counseling for end of life and from that standpoint, you have every right to see her. we should not have a government program that determines you're going to pull the plug on grandma. >> and robert gibbs responded just a short time ago. >> we'll hope to quell the misconceptions that are apparently held by some in the senate about what the bill is and what the bill isn't. but we'll continue to hope that they can make progress. now, whether or not it happens, i don't know. >> and questions about the so-called death panels are being raised at town halls across the country. you're looking at pictures from pennsylvania where arlen specter is holding a town hall right now. there's bad news for the white house. the protesters are having an impact on the national debate. you can see the lines o
if they can't pull something like that off? republican senator chuck grassley is now saying the same thing telling "the washington post" today "we ought to be focusing on getting 80 votes." 80 votes out of 100 is what they're saying. 80. the rule is actually 51 votes, you guys. that's the rule. majority rules. the rule is a ten-foot hoop. what they're suggesting is a hoop that is now 16 feet high. oh, watch the lights, oh, yeah, okay. sue, how are you going to be able to shoot a 16-foot basket. >> do you have insurance. a lot of lights up there. >> i promise to pay for them if we break anything. >> i want to try. i want to redeem myself. >> here we go. >> this is like the hoop in your backyard that kept falling. because your father -- oh! >> wasn't cemented properly. >> one more try. >> one more try. >> come on. >> all right. >> come on. i know. >> okay, for the republicans. oh. >> very good shot. we good try. >> we tried. >> it is kind of awesome to watch sue wicks try to shoot 16-foot hoops but it's not basketball actually. it's not basketball. tease are not the actual rules by which bas
be very worried about dealing with senator grassley now? >> in a sense -- grassley views he just put his finger in the dike, that doesn't sound like a very good position to be in. if you are a republican senator. right? that sounds like the dam is about to break. look, grassley -- look. you don't know what grassley's position is when he is negotiating behind closed doors. and what he's doing when he's being a populist senator in front of his constituents and playing to the crowned. inside game and outside game. we don't know how -- what the gap is between the two of them. >> roger, does this sound to you like an iowa senator in iowa saying what his audience wants to hear, ready to go back to washington and work hard in the back room on health care reform? >> it sounds to pea like an iowa politician playing to the crowd. he doesn't need to scare seniors in iowa. it is what he is doing. to put it in context, iowa in terms of the age of the population is one of the oldest states of the union. it also has one of the highest percentages of people that live and n care facilities. senio
to euthanize reasonable republicans? the white house praises mr. grassley for negotiating in good faith. mr. grassley promptly tells a town hall -- >> you have every right to fear. you shouldn't have counseling as to human life but 20 years before you're going to die. we should not have a government program that determines when to pull the plug on grandma. >> we don't. we never will. it isn't in the bill. is senator grassley a charleton, an idiot or did the health care sector simply threaten to cut off the $2.5 million he has gotten from them in contributions? senator cardin's town hall in maryland -- >> it does want to kill people like myself. i'm 73. i'm one of those throw aways we've heard so much about. okay? i want you to know i'm not afraid of dying. >> but now senator murkowski of alaska blasts sarah palin for the death panel remarks. >> there is no reason to build up fear in the american public by saying things that are not included in the bill. >> reporter: but the conservative who was allegedly beaten at a town hall. his story is unraveling as is glenn beck's advertising support.
through. it's very easy to scare seniors. chuck grassley doesn't need to do it to get reelected next year. >> roger, we're going to have to leave it there. thank you. join us again tomorrow night at 5:00 and 7:00 eastern for more "hardball." right now it's teem for "the ed show." >>> i'm ed schultz, this is "the ed show. good evening americans, live from 30 rock in new york, it's "the ed show." what would jesus do while americans are vocal at town hall meetings, i find it very interesting that christian leaders are silent when it comes to the public option of health care in this country. i'm calling on christian leaders to step up and speak out, two passionate men of the cloth will join me. >>> dick cheney back in the news. he says the statue of limitations has expired on many of his white house secrets. it turns out there was some love lost when bush stopped listening to shooter. >>> sarah palin's doubling down on her death panel scare tactic, accusing the president of misleading you when it comes to end of life care. at the bottom of the hour, the congressman who proposed that very pass
, iowa's chuck grassley, took his turn on the town hall circuit today. >> we're here with such a large crowd because people fear for america. ( applause ) >> reporter: he was facing standing-room-only crowd at every stop. >> we don't really know what's happening. >> reporter: as the ranking republican on the senate's finance committee, grassley is trying to cut through the noise and come up with a bipartisan health care bill that's acceptable to everyone. >> you know, i have been criticized for being at the table, just like i ought to be sitting in nigh office with my feet up on my desk instead of doing what i'm hired to do. >> both sides trust him. he's not a kool-aid drinker for republicans, he's no right winger and he's not a sellout. >> reporter: grassley made that clear today as he assured voters he will not support any legislation that includes a so-called government option. >> the government really isn't a fair competitor. the government tend to be more of a predator. >> reporter: president obama has praised senator grassley for his bipartisanship... >> communicate grassley of i
be talking about tomorrow? congratulations, chuck grassley, you just denied counseling to grievously ill people and their heartbroken families. if they want end-of-life care advice now, they'll have to pay for it themselves. it's out of the bill. grassley now boasts he exploited the bipartisan negotiations just long enough to push the health care vote beyond the august recess to enable the chaotic perverted paranoid death panel talk to unfold. congratulations, senator. you just saved the insurance company millions. millions taken out of the pockets of the people of your state and the people of your age. >>> and palin the pathetic repudiates her brief visit to reality. she says there were two death panels and that they were orwellian like she knows what or wellian means. april 2008 governor sarah palin proclaimed health care decisions day in alaska to raise public awareness of the need to plan ahead for health care decisions, related to end-of-life care. she was before death panels before she was against them. >>> and another genius chimes in. >> well, i think it's proper because it's wit
to the protesters. and could that be because people like senator charles grassley of iowa, who is the senior republican on the senate finance committee who is supposedly seeking a bipartisan solution and who knows better, says things like this? >> we should not have a government program that determines you're going to pull the plug on grandma. >> there's room for legitimate disagreement about health care reform, but when a united states senator says you have every right to fear the government killing grandma, we've reached the point where the demagogues have seized control of the debate. in a moment we'll see if two members of congress can have a "hardball" discussion of this issue without resorting to provable lies and scare tactics. >>> and there were many lessons learned from the clintons' failed crusade for health care reform back in the '90s. did the obama administration heed them? we'll compare the hillary care debacle with what's going wrong right now. >>> plus, cheney unleashed. the former vice president is working on his memoirs, and "the washington post" says he plans to criticize
working very diligently. charles grassley, mike enzi and olympia snowe. i give those three republicans a lot of credit because they're under enormous pressure not to engage in any kind of negotiations at all. and in the current political climate, they are showing, you know, some significant result. i don't know if in the end they can get there. >> especially every time senator grassley opens his mouth, the iowa republican now directly challenging the president to give up the public option as a condition of republican involvement. telling "the washington post" it was "pretty important if you're really interested in a bipartisan bill." but wait, there's more. senator grassley pointing at town hall anger the reason why the scope needs to be scaled back. "people are signaling that we ought to slow up and find out where we are and don't spend so much money and don't get us so far into debt." if you can consider health industry employees a sort of right-wing militia members but only know they hate this president if you consider them regular people. a message today from senator ted kennedy it
where a leading republican faces the prospect of a long day and short tempers. senator chuck grassley is holding four town hall meetings on health care reform. senior political correspondent candy crowley is in winter set. candy, once again this could get pretty heated. >> it could. but remember, first of all, that i was pretty used to political debate, that senator grassley has been around the u.s. senate for three decades, been around iowa a lot longer. he's a farmer here, native of iowa. he says he's been to -- hosted about 2,800 town hall meetings over the course of his senate career. so he's seen a lot and he's seen a lot of heated debates. he said last night he was talking on a local tv station that he's not worried that he actually sort of enjoys the give-and-take. he is a bit of a target simply because he is part of that small group in the senate finance committee, he is the ranking republican in senate finance that's trying to come up with a plan for the senate side. it is the last committee that has yet to pass out anything. so he's really in the thick of it. so we expect th
bumped into charles grassley in the hallway of the congress, would you tell him to his face that you're not telling the truth to the american people? >> absolutely. this -- i find this deeply offensive and frankly there are a number of friends of mine that i plan on following up with to try to understand what's in your head. this is stuff that you supported last month. why aren't you speaking out in support of it now. >> thank you, congressman, keep up the fight. you're welcome here anyname. i appreciate yew honesty, thank so much. >> i appreciate your work. >>> you bet. let's bring in todd webster, jonathan wiseman, and also republican strategist and former communications director for the republican congressional committee karen hanready. are we just not hearing the right things? is this part of the strategy? what do you think? >> i have to agree with you tonight, ed, this rhetoric about the death panels is real ly overblown and not accurate. i agree, they should have read all 1,000 pages of it as well. if they're opposing it, i want them to have read it. look, i'm all for, you know
, our conversation with republican senator charles grassley. >> paul: prices at the pump could be headed higher as crude continues above $70 a barrel. now economists are worried those higher prices could derail a recovery. >> susie: it looks like more americans are eating at home and that's giving kraft foods a big boost. the numbers are in and its profits are up. details in tonight's stocks in the news. >> paul: i'm paul kangas. >> susie: and i'm susie gharib. this is "nightly business report" for monday, august 3. "nightly business report" is made possible by: this program was made possible by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. >> susie: good evening, everyone. a lousy report card today on the obama administration's foreclosure prevention program. of the millions of americans delinquent in paying their mortgages, only 9% are being modified, that's 235,000 borrowers. the administration launched its "making home affordable" plan in february, offering financial incentives to banks and other lenders to modify mortgages for struggling borrowers. as stephanie
of the death panels. we first heard it from senator palin. senator grassley from iowa got into on it, and this is what he had to say yesterday. >> in the house bill, there's counseling for end of life. >> that's it! >> and from that standpoint, you have every right to fear. we should not have a government program that determines you're going to pull the plug on grandma. >> is senator grassley buying into the whole "pull the plug on grandma" stuff? >> reporter: if you really looked exactly at what he says, it's not like he uses the word "euthanasia" or "death panel," but statement, he doesn't pour cold water on this. and he has some issues with the provision in the plan that would provide end of life counseling. so it's not a helpful statement to the wous, who is trying to correct this impression that somehow in any of the bills out there on capitol hill that there's a provision that would end up with euthanasia, essentially. grassley, still someone who's working on health care reform. he's still enormously influential. but, no, i don't think they're thrilled at the white house about
, in iowa, senator chuck grassley's town hall meeting took place and two women had opposing views on reform. >> i have a family of four. i've been trying to buy my own health insurance for me and my children and my husband, primarily my children. i get estimates, and the cheapest insurance that doesn't have a $10,000 a year deductible per person is $830-some-odd. this is a problem. i can't take my children to the doctor with no insurance. i would be more than glad to buy my own insurance if it was more cost-effective. i need to know, what are you doing to these insurance companies that are putting everything in their pocket and just laughing at everybody else? >> proponents of the bill seem to think that those of us who oppose it are somehow evil, we want to see people die. we don't care about people. the gal over there who couldn't get a premium for under $800 a month, i believe it was, according to the most recent ahip study, the average premium is $2,613 for single coverage. >> nobody has that. >> you're not ahip. there are roughly, as stan said, 8 million people who don't have insurance
political director mark murray. thanks as always. you and i are going to be talking about chuck grassley and his comment. we should not have a government program to determine whether you pull the plug on grand ma. >> good-bye. "hardball" up next, thank you. . rage against the machine. let's play "hardball." >>> good evening. i'm lawrence o'donnell in new york in tonight for chris matthews. leading off tonight, face-off. we now know how to get your name and picture on the front page "the new york times." say something loud and nasty to a senator and they'll put you above the fold. if there is one lesson we've learned from all the angry health care town hall meetings, it is that it's a lot easier to get a crowd of people who are opposed to reform than a crowd in favor. the big question is how many of these noisy opponents have been organized into position by lobbyists and how many rely part of a genuine grassroots uprising. much of the anger has been fueled by lies and misinformation. here's a typical moment from senator ben cardin's town hall today in maryland. >> i think that the obama a
kennedy had been there. like it was his fault. and senator grassley on having said -- >> you have every right to fear. we should not have a government program that determines you're going to pull the plug on grandma. >> that, grassley says now, inches the president's fault. >> the specific language i used was language that the president had used at portsmouth. >> and the newest crazy scare tactic. first they had a death panel. now there's a death book. >> usually we discuss the news but today we're going to tell you about something you may never have heard about. what critics are calling the death book. >> unfortunately, the death book chris is holding is actually a veterans administration manual, a minor update of the one used in 2007 under president bush. or to translate this into republican, george bush had a death book. and told you so. what or who killed michael jackson? police confirm no murder investigation -- coroner's office said this afternoon no foul play. are the police out of this necessarily? >> this doctor is pivotal to this investigation and, boy, i hope he's got a lawye
strong resistance. a leading republican senator, senator charles grassley today reported people are scared by the president's health care plan and other policies. senator grassley making that comment at a town hall meeting in his home state of high wa. candy crowley reports from iowa. >> if it's okay with you, i'll get started. >> reporter: winterset, iowa, grassley holds his 72nd town hall meeting this year. and what a year. >> we're here at a time when i sense people are scared for our country. >> reporter: the stimulus plan, bailouts, government spending and now health care. grassley has been getting two, sometimes three times the crowds he's had in previous years. many people, so many hands in the air. >> where do my children go to get their insurance if they don't want government health care? >> how are you going to change the insurance so that the small businesses can compete. >> so many cross currents. >> i need to know what you're doing for these insurance companies that are putting everything in their pocket and laughing at everybody else. simple math even for this sout
health reform in the senate. that was republican senator chuck grassley of iowa. and this isn't the first time that senator grassley has shown real class with a "k" on the issue of health care. >> i've been told that the brain tumor that senator kennedy has because he's 77 years old would not be treated the way it's treated in the united states. in other words, he would not get the care that he gets here because of his age. >> i've been told that. so i'm repeating it. haven't looked into checking it out. for example by reading the bill that i'm responsible for passing or not. but i've been told, little birdie told me, here you go. here's what the bird said. yesterday's presidential town hall in new hampshire, president obama praised senator grassley as one of his, quote, republican friends on capitol hill who is sincerely trying to figure out if they can find a health care bill that works. republican sincere friends like charles grassley. who do you think president obama counts as his political enemy? joining us now is the democratic candidate who is hoping to unseat senator grassley next
grassley when not willing to say they're going to support the final outcome, that's not -- >> e.j., got to run. i appreciate your time tonight. e.j. dion, "washington post" with us. for more, let me bring in joan walsh, editor and chief of will this have impact, what we're talking about, joan? >> i think it will, ed. we talked about this last week. we're a little bit late in organizing. it is happening. people are speaking out. i think e.j. makes a good point that obama started negotiating with himself in public. the republicans are not negotiating with him. they said they're going to walk away from pretty much anything. so the question is, can we have time to make a difference? the conventional wisdom in washington, i don't live there, i'm in san francisco, is there is not a single liberal or progressive democrat who will lose his or her seat for voting against the public option whereas there are people, conservative democrats who would lose seats because of it. if the liberal base can make that equation change, then politics will change. you and i both know this is not happ
. hundreds of people in hagerstown, maryland booed and said just say no. charles grassley got an earful too in iowa. >> the power of life -- >> not going to do anything that's going to nationalize health insurance -- or nationalize health care in america. i don't intend to do anything to allow government bureaucrats to get between you and your doctor. >> senator, please forgive my teleprompter here. i've heard your recent rhetoric about how we want the same thing as obama and health care reform. i disagree on every level. there is nothing in that bill that i would agree to and we have to stop giving ground. >> government isn't the answer, it's a cancer. >> right now, as dan lothian reports, the white house is working hard to stay on message. >> you don't know. you don't know. >> 74 going to be written off because they have cancer. >> why don't they take the health care being forced down our throats. >> you don't trust me? >> there's a lot of debate about the health care debate. some are calling it a mismessage. >> there's a concern that if this misinformation machine continues and the recor
. that makes conservatives nervous about senator grassley sitting in on some of those meetings. >> the senator argues it is his duty to negotiate, if not to moderate the democrats' proposals at least to know what they're manning. >> if you weren't at the table, you're the menu. >> he has pledged to oppose taxpayer-funded abortion and a host ofel other democratic proposals. he suggested he may quit talking soon because the president seems ready to ram through a bill without g.o.p. help. >> there is some indication that he may be moving ahead in a partisan way. >> mr. obama increased conservative anger at ghastly this week, by thanking him and two other g.o.p. senators who are still negotiating. >> there are some -- my republican friends on capitol hill, who are sincerely trying to see if they can find a healthcare bill that works. chuck ghastly of iowa -- chuck grassley of iowa, olympia snowe from maine and mike en sign. >> they are roop facing huge crowds that turned out for grassley's afternoon event. >> congress is excluding us! >> organizers of the tea parties against tax and spend governme
seen the clips from the grassley town hall where he kept that death panel discussion going. how is that different than what you saw with tom harken and leonard boswell. >> senator harken has an idea -- of pulling the plug on grandma, if you will. we've heard that over and over this week. one thing i was struck by was the over all civility of these meetings. they were certainly passions and intense questions, but regardless of which side of the issue people were on, there was much more civility than we've seen in other parts of the country and also a lot of local politics going on. >> does that mean boswell and harken were not getting the people in their face screaming at them? >> there was no screaming at any of the meetings i was at and congressman boswell, 60% of his audience it seemed to me, was against this plan. he used his way to sort of slow down the conversation. in iowa, many of these people attending their meetings have a relationship with their member of congress or senator even if they're on the opposing view, so everything was civil here. but one thing i was struck
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grassley, chuck grassley of iowa, very much involved in the big bipartisan thing with the senate finance committee, chairman max baucus of montana now suddenly he's gone away, it seems like, or has he. how do you read that. >> there are two chuck grassleys. the one without premiers in washington, but then there is the one without went home. and i gather some of the town hall meetings are happening in iowa, and iowans are good about this thing, are triple the size of normal. he goes home and listens and gets threatened we're going to defeat new 2010. he's up in this coming election. and he doesn't want to get defeated. and that's been, i think, the overall effect of this august. which is a lot of people and parts of the country, the health-care reform is recently po popular but in the midwest in particular and some areas of the south and places like florida, it's quite unpopular. so he has to face the fact do i really want to lose my seat over this. and so i just think it's in some sense a democratic process that is creating the other chuck grassley. >> i think there is en another chuck g
it and managed to have a real dialogue about this. i want you to listen to something that senator chuck grassley said today. this is important because you have not been in the room of six of the senate finance committee. >> right. >> where they're trying to work out a deal that will be a bipartisan deal they're hoping can get 60 votes in the senate and move through the senate smoothly. it's a small group. you who have been excluded are all wondering what's going on there. and are we in really the democrats in really good faith negotiations with republicans like grassley and mike enzi and olympia snow. listen to what he said today about this issue of the so-called death panels. listen to this. >> and from that standpoint, you have every right to fear. you shouldn't have counseling at the end of life. you ought to have counseling 20 years before you're going to die. and you ought to plan these things out. we should not have a government program that determines if you're going to pull the plug on grandma. >> that wasn't easy audio to listen to hear senator mccaskill. the last line is the most relev
house correspondent, chuck grassley, finance committee, ranking member, key republicans president obama had lunch with, talked on the phone with a bit, in holly's hopes he would be critical to a bipartisan deal. hearing that kind of comment from grassley, has that shaken the white house on how much support they can expect? >> they still want to work with grassley. it is not helpful to the extent it fans the flames over this death panel euthenasia debate. i think grassley was just saying he didn't care for that provision in the bill. he didn't go so far as to say it was a death panel or a slippery slope to euthenasia. but what he said was not helpful to the white house. the senate finance committee, grassley is still at the table for the mom. in the town hall he said he doesn't care for the talks of doing this in an entirely partisan way using reconciliation rules that the president has acknowledged in so many words that's still on the table. in other words, he can't get a bipartisan deal done. they are not afraid to ram it through on a democratic only basis. he's still at the table. tho
correspondent. chuck grassley and his apparent cooperation and participation with the president in private, then inflaming the most partisan and sort of fearful aspect of it in public. >> dylan, first take a listen to what grassley said because in his defense, he didn't use the word "death panel." he was trying to get closer to what's actually in the house bill. take a listen. >> in the house bill there's counseling for end of life. and from that standpoint, you have every right to fear. we should not have a government program that determines you're going to pull the plug on grandma. >> now dylan, what i think we're getting out here, let's look at the politics. grassley's been a part of the last sort of remaining republican, 1 of 3 in the bipartisan talks. he's up for re-election in 2010. iowa, very much a at this point a democratic-leaning state. huge conservative vent to it inside the republican party. iowa caucuses are regularly nominating the more conservative candidate that a lot of times doesn't get the republican presidential nomination. that's what grassley has to fear. he's walkin
glimmer of hope they might be on board. olympia snow or susan collins. maybe even chuck grassley. that's a grimmer. >> it is a glimmer. i was with chuck grassley in four town squares yesterday. the fringe didn't take over. they were, in fact, pointed but they were not hostile. people got up and said, we'll put you out if you support this but it wasn't in some crazy, yelling manner. i think by and large, we can assume that most of the town hall meetings are fine. people are upset. people are looking at major things. i think what's interesting now is that as we are now looking and i'm sure you have gotten this in your e-mails as well, at what i think is a shift in how the democrats are approaching this. it used to be, this is the fringe. these are crazy people, the t bag people, the birthers. most of the town hall meetings are just fine. i think what they have seen is they have moved more against it than for it. >> the white house, it is becoming more assertive. >> they are. david axlerod sent out a six-page e-mail refuting a lot of what they called myths about health care. >> and asking
an attack over senator grassley. we will talk to the republican from iowa, in fact, at 10:30 now. >>> tropical storm triple threat. hurricane season is arriving out of nowhere seemingly. all of a sudden from nothing to something, here we are. let's check on the weather. >>> plus, e.t. phone home. is there intelligent life out there somewhere. "newsweek" gathered the evidence, and we will talk about what can help us learn more about alien life and perhaps alien health care. >>> the opening bell sounding on wall street. stocks plunging, and investors around the world worried about consumer activity. we know the story and will come back for that another day. leave it in the garbage bag at the fed, and it will be fine. >>> we will talk this morning about government-run health care versus a co-op somewhere. >> here is the difference between the two. a government-run public option could be directly with private insurers. the president says it would keep them honest. republicans argue it would cripple the entire insurance industry. and some top democrats say the idea lacks support in co
was interrupted in pennsylvania. megyn: fascinating. bill: senator chuck grassley has a meeting today in iowa, we will keep an eye on that as well. megyn: by the way, to all of you that wrote in thanking us for airing the town hall, you are more than welcome. that was extraordinary to watch. you do not expect those moments to come along each and every day, but when you get them, you show them. these polls confirm what we have already seen across the country. americans are concerned about the proposed changes to their health care. those concerns were not voice at a different town hall yesterday, a town hall conducted by president obama in new hampshire. critics are asking how it was that the president found so many fans of reform in one place. bill: it was a pack house. -- packed house. how did the white house explain this? >> they defended it, saying that they did not stackhouse, but that among the 1800 people, 7% were able to get tickets on a web site. about 30% were given to local officials and other organizations. they said that they did not go out of their way to screen people. that they were
? senator chuck grassley and or a patch. do they have the power to stop what most do not want -- senator chuck grassley and senator hatch. and one person says he is for health care reform but there is to say that he is just not 41 president obama once. yes, he disagrees with the present -- he is just not for the one that president wants. ççwe have a report -- he disas with the president. and is rush leaving the air waves of conservative talk? what could do that? the temptation of a tv show? rush tell as you all of that. but first, they still one answer is -- rush tells you all of that. >> we are scared because we do not know what is really going on, what is really happening. >> the cadillac of health care. i also have tricare for life. i want universal health care for every person. >> aarp. for everyone. they are not supporting the government option. greta: voters want answers on health care. what they do not want is for the democrats to go it alone. now, according to one poll,ç 5% not approve a health-care plan if it is not bipartisan, but will the democrats go it alone anyway? sh
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